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An Erasmus students review of Bordeaux Nightlife

As an Englishman in Bordeaux (not New York) I’ve been here around three months now and the electronic music scene has not disappointed. Coming out at a time when the UK clubbing scene had taken a massive blow with the closure of Fabric, it was interesting to see how much of an impact it has had overseas. I was very surprised at the number of individuals from all over the world who knew about Fabric and its importance to the electronic music scene.

Clearly its importance was something that could not be forgotten about forever. Just last week it announced the reopening of Fabric under a new, over 19’s licence. This is bound to have a positive impact on UK nightlife and a huge step forward in the battle for keeping club culture alive and cutting down on the shutdown of clubs.

Bordeaux has a lot to say for itself. When I first got my place to study in Bordeaux I did not expect the underground music scene to be as impressive as it has been. With names like Carl Craig, Butch, Jeff Mills, John Talabot, Adesse Versions and Bicep playing here over the past three months, it has attracted some of the largest names and upcoming artists within the industry.

In terms of venues, I.BOAT, BT59 and Bootleg are the ‘discothèques’ to be bringing in these world renowned DJ’s. It could be said I.BOAT is the mothership (pardon the pun) of venues in Bordeaux, with first class bookings on a weekly basis. Last weekend, Tales of Us headlined a show at Bordeaux’s Submarine base, BETASOM. Despite noise complaints from boring neighbours it has to be said the one off rave at this venue was a huge success (over 1000 heads through the door) and a sign of true appreciation for music and digital art.

In October I had the opportunity to see one of my favourite DJ’s, Hunee, takeover the base of I.BOAT. The Amsterdam born disco/house DJ and producer has been one of my favourite shows since arriving here. His vast collection of disco tunes from numerous decades, both classics and hidden gems is what makes him so likable amongst club promoters. He guarantees to have you grooving. Check out his Boiler Room set at Dekmental festival last year below. 





Publié par Chris Threadgold le 13/12/2016 à 21h00